Natsume (棗, lit. "jujube") is a major character of the Konohana Kitan series. The most energetic of the attendants, her appearance, body, personality and behavior are all boyish to the point where she is at times outright mistaken for a boy at first glance.


Unlike the other foxes, Natsume has short dark brown hair with bangs swept to the left side and light brown eyes. She is often seen wearing a men's kimono and she usually wears a white string around her back whenever she is working.


Natsume is known to act more tomboyish than the other foxes who enjoys sumo wrestling. She is courageous shown in episode 6 when she wanted to catch the ghost. it is implied that she likes Ren since in episode 3 she was able to comfort and protect her. (Kissing Ren on the forehead).

She is not one to get overly upset or dramatic, and is generally able to keep a level head. Her kindness towards Ren also shows her to be rather patient, at least emotionally wise.



A ghost who dressed up as Natsume almost kissed Ren.

Most of her arc involves her complicated relationship with Ren. The two are undeniably very close, but it is unclear where they lie romantically.



Natsume constantly teases Ren, a fellow fox at Konohanatei who she is implied to be in love with.



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