Name Satsuki
Romaji Satsuki
Species Kitsune
Gender Female
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Birthdate June 11
Anime Konohana Kitan Episode 1
Voiced by
Japanese Sawako Hata
English Dawn M. Bennett

Satsuki (皐) is a character of the Konohana Kitan series. She's a rather cold girl with long, messy, purple hair, and grew up wanting to be a shrine maiden. However, she lost that opportunity to her sister, so was made to work at Konohanatei. She is implied to love her co-worker, Yuzu, and is often seen around her in most episodes

Appearance Edit

Satsuki has long purple hair and hazel eyes, usually, she wears a purple kimono. She doesn't really care about her appearance (as stated by Ren in Episode 2) that much despite having an extremely beautiful appearance .

Personality Edit

Satsuki is a workaholic who wanted to be a shrine maiden, however she lost the opportunity to her sister, thus making her cold and hostile towards others. When she first met Yuzu, Satsuki was rather cold and mean to her. However, in episode 2 she began to open up to her more. It is possible that she has feelings for Yuzu since she is able to show her embarrassing side to Yuzu.

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Trivia Edit

  • The name Satsuki means "to kill" (satsu) and "moon" (tsuki). It can also mean "swamp, shore" and the word Satsu is a slang for "police" in Japanese.


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