"When I was young, I was brought up in the snow by being buried in the Yaen Rikui. Newcomer relationship lodged in hot spring inn "Kokadatei" for social studies. It is a bit scary but bright and positive character."





Name Yuzu
Kanji (柚)
Species Kitsune
Gender Female
Relatives Unknown
Birthdate August 15
Anime Episode 1
Voiced by
Japanese Yūko Ōno
English Seidel Lindsay

Yuzu (柚) is the protagonist of the Konohana Kitan series. An innocent and hardworking country fox. She was brought up by Bikuni, and has a rather extensive knowledge of things.

Appearance Edit

Yuzu wears the same komonoe as Ren and also wear white socks and brown slippers,Yuzu also has long yellow hair and yellowish brownish eyes.

Personality Edit

Yuzu is a kind hearted girl and is nice,kind and sweet to everyone around her. In episode 8 she even gives Rei Matsumoto, a girl washed up on a beach, CPR despite being fine.



Relationships Edit

Satsuki Edit

Initially, Satsuki seemed not to like Yuzu. She would yell at her to do things correctly and to never slack off. However, after seeing Yuzu treat her with respect, even after everything she did, Satsuki began to develop feelings for Yuzu. Yuzu began feeling the same way after seeing Satsuki's sweet side.

In the Episode 1, they slept and bathed together.

In the Episode 2, they fed each other, onsen together once more and there's even a point where Satsuki and Yuzu are jumping out a tree with it implied to be romantic by the music. At the end of the episode, they're seen holding hands as they walk out of town.

In the Episode 4, Satsuki had a dream about Yuzu comforting her, and when Yuzu asked about her dream, Satsuki's face turned red, and she claimed not to remember.

In the Episode 5, Yuzu called Satsuki's laugh pretty.

In the Episode 6, Satsuki and Yuzu are exploring Konohanatei when Satsuki insists she isn't afraid of ghosts. However, upon seeing a ghost-like figure, Yuzu falls onto the ground as Satsuki begins hugging her and crying. Yuzu says "Satsuki is so soft", but their moment is cut off when Natsume intrudes and asks why they're cuddling. Later in the episode, Satsuki notices Yuzu is missing. Yuzu has gone with the morphing ghost, who changes into the person you cherish most. The ghost turned into Satsuki to lure Yuzu, signifying that Yuzu loves Satsuki the most. In the outro, they seemed to be mirroring Natsume and Ren, or the canon couple of the show.

Kiri Edit

Kiri and Yuzu don't interact a lot but they both do get along.

Natsume Edit

Ren Edit


  • The name Yuzu is the name of a type of citrus fruit.


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